What We Do

Planning is the key to taking your business to the next level.

You need to take the passion you had for starting your business and translate it into planning your next success, be it an exit, a new product or service, or rapid growth. We can’t wait to see what the next step is for your business.

Business Advancement

We have what you need: more clients, more market share, more strategies for distinguishing yourself in a competitive market.

CEO/C-Level Coaching

What’s bothering you? Let’s have a conversation in which we approach your challenges from novel angles, figure out achievable goals for you and your company, and strategies to get there.


You have a high-voltage idea and some detailed plans. Excitement and insecurity! I’ve started and sold two multi-million-dollar businesses and consulted for many others. Your brains, my brains, and my experience in operations, finance, and marketing. Progress for you.

Customer Service & Sales Coaching

How good is your customer service? Do all your employees truly represent your core business? I have run outstanding service organizations for years, and the devil’s in the details.

Exit Strategy

I’ve done this twice, and I connect to venture capital and merger-acquisition firms. Wherever your company is — startup, mid-life, mature — it’s never too early to chart a path to the right buyer and the rainbow payout. The ones with the right money aren’t always the right ones to sell to. We can help you find the exit that is best for you.

Services for Venture Capital

We evaluate firms you are thinking of acquiring. With many years of successfully operating service and healthcare businesses, we can do an operations audit and help you kick the tires. We can find prospective acquisitions and with our extensive network of healthcare connections can broker introductions.


Site Selection & Demographics

The right research: the look and feel, the numbers, the traffic patterns and the vibe of your customers and your leads. The squishy stuff and the hard data. Bring my extensive experience to bear.

I talk, too!

I’ve given keynote speeches to groups of entrepreneurs, executives, high school and college students, young professionals, venture capital forums, bankers, and general business audiences. I connect audiences with their own aspirations.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Linda speaks about her entrepreneurial successes in an engaging and action-oriented way, sharing specific takeaways that others can use in their own ventures and careers.  Though she is a dynamic speaker, I believe she excels in providing one-on-one advice sourced from her deep and varied experience as a serial entrepreneur. As the founder of ScribeKick, a new medical scribe organization, I benefited from Linda sharing her extensive knowledge of sales and marketing developed while growing PartnerMD. While seeing the bigger picture, she provided numerous innovative tactics to accelerate ScribeKick’s growth in the short-term. I left energized and looking forward to our next conversation.” Bradley Barr

President/CEO, ScribeKick

“Linda Nash has been a very resourceful business coach in my journey of building my business. She takes into consideration personal goals and aspirations when structuring a business plan to ensure strategic alignment across the board. Her experience and insights have already provided me with invaluable coaching that have led me to further opportunities. I am very excited to roll out our unique marketing approach over the coming months!”

Monika Peets

CEO, Solutions For Doctors

“Every business owner needs Linda! As a self made entrepreneur of almost eleven years my advice to anyone reading this is “don’t do it alone”. In the short amount of time working with Linda Nash Ventures, my company is really being propelled forward. I can say with certainty it’s thanks to Linda’s guidance and expertise. As a successful serial entrepreneur Linda knows exactly what it’s like to be on my side of the table. More importantly, she also knows what needs to be done to rise to the next level. In addition to Linda’s wealth of contacts, she employs a polished and professional team that are always great to work with. You will find they deliver above and beyond what is expected. You can’t go wrong with Linda Nash Ventures!” Sophia Z. Wastler

Founder, Starz Program

“Linda has been an incredible advisor to our company, and to me personally, as a first time executive in a start-up. She is sharp, thoughtful, and has savvy strategic vision and executive experience. She listens to her clients needs, takes time to understand their vision, and empowers them with sound business advice, clear direction, and her network of contacts. I am grateful to have her by my side.” Lauren Munsch Dal Farra, MD

Founder and Co-CEO, PALM Health, LLC

“Linda Nash Ventures has proven to be a strong strategic partner for TMI. Investing in the growth of a business is essential in a competitive economy. TMI has long had the ingredients for success and growth, but the myopic tendency of entrepreneurs is to become preoccupied with working in the business versus on the business.

Linda has helped us make sense of TMI’s winning mix of attributes to form a cohesive and deliberate strategy. We have long touted our good fortune of organic growth, but that is not a sustainable strategy we are willing to risk everything on.

LNV has helped us envision, plan, and move toward the future of our design. At this point,  we hope to continue leveraging her expertise and services indefinitely. If you can make it happen, you should definitely secure her assistance. You will learn things about yourself, your business, and your market that will make the investment of time and resources well worth your while.”

Tiffany Jana, MBA

Founder and CEO, TMI Consulting Inc

“Linda Nash Ventures has been a valuable resource by coaching us through challenging decisions that we had to make at the Randall Branding Agency. Their extensive business knowledge and experience has been instrumental in achieving our business goals by considering new ways of approaching new business, finding ways to maximize profits and preparing us for the future.” Jesse Randall

President/Chief Creative Officer, Randall Branding Agency

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